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Change Managers - Mid & Senior opportunities - London HQ, weekday travel as required

£43,700 - £69,100 + benefits + bonuses

Change Management is both entwined in our general approach to programme delivery, as well as being a core service offering.  We are dedicated to delivering successful complex change & transformation programmes, our people drawing on their full breadth of their experience to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

While the majority of assignments are centred around technology and data driven change, our focus is on embedding change properly, bringing every stakeholder along for the journey.

This could include

  • creating change management strategies to support the optimisation of clinic trials in Pharma
  • harnessing social media to empower collaborative team work for a major Telco
  • providing executive coaching in downstream Oil & Gas

Chaucer is celebrating the big 3-0 this year, and although we are no longer a family owned business, we continue to put a lot of energy towards maintaining everything we loved, while setting up a bit more structure and growing in size to support our growth plans and strategy.

This means unrestricted opportunities for our people, both onsite with clients, and in shaping the company and services from the inside.  Close to half of our people are currently involved in internal projects, from CoEs, to assignment showcases, Knowledge Shares, to our L&D activities (set around coaching and feedback this year). 

These aren’t positions for someone who prefers rigid job specs, people join Chaucer because they want to grow, be challenged, to challenge, and be a valued & visible instead of a number.  Shape your role, choose your involvement, leverage resources; the support is there to maximise your progress. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions you would like answered before applying for these opportunities.  I am very proud to be a part of the supportive, entrepreneurial culture at Chaucer, and always happy to chat.  You could also visit website for more information www.chaucer.com if you haven’t already.

These are FTE roles, not suitable for those seeking a contract.  Previous experience working with and leading teams to deliver technology and/or data driven change is essential.  This can be in-house or consulting.  Preferably Change Management qualifications, or practical experience with a range of change methodologies (Prosci, Adkar etc), experience in organisation design and executive coaching are of particular interest.

The interview process can take anything from 3 days to months, designed to suit your timelines.  For these roles we are looking at April starts (2) and May/June for the additional 3.

Please apply through Our Website with your CV and a covering letter.

Look forward to speaking to you soon

Lindsay Charman

Recruitment Manager