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Directors and Partners - Heavy Industry, Building Materials, Natural Resources - Central London

Packages of £300k - £600k plus benefits

The client's firm delivers measurable and sustainable financial benefits. They help companies better execute their plans and strategies to deliver substantial improvements in operating performance and profitability. In short we deliver tomorrow’s results, today.

They partner with organizations to solve strategically important problems that impede top-line growth, or bottom-line results.

They collaborate with their Clients front line employees, supervision, middle management and senior executives, to create and implement solutions that generate a significant return on their investment. A return clients see in their P & L statement within the life of our engagements.

They utilize a framework within which clients can assess, build and execute solutions to their most pressing operational needs, while productively delivering their day-to-day operational expectations.

They help challenge clients to look at their business differently, to accelerate the achievement of their improvement targets, and to create a more agile way of working, in order to win. They bring the power of P3 Operations: People, Productivity & Profitability.



The Business Development Team operates within 3 core geographical markets, the UK, France and DACH.

Each Executive VP has great front-end support internally in terms of research, and sales front-end support teams. Our CRM tool is salesforce.com.

Our client is looking to expand the Executives Vice President(s) within the Team in order to meet its medium term growth agenda and is specifically looking for candidates with specific experience in one or more of these areas: 

- Heavy industry – (manufacturing/food processing/engineering)

- Building & materials

- Natural resourcing


Objective of the role: 

- Convert sales prospects into clients by diligently executing the sales model and establishing long term relationships in the market place as a representative of the company.

- Leverage business identification, business development, and knowledge management resources to effectively identify and target potential clients; collaborate with analysis and project delivery teams to secure a long-term client relationship where the client is chosen as the trusted partner for disciplined execution.



· Proven track record of building relationships at a CEO level

· Understanding of businesses end to end and their financial structures including P&L and Balance Sheets

· Ideally, a combination of consulting and industry experience

· Demonstrates a strong track record of selling

· Need to be able to lead themselves through to securing a client sale

· Develop a robust understanding of the client offering and methodology to be able to discuss it with conviction to a potential client

·  Attend at least 4/5 potential client meetings per week (self-initiated)

· 100% accountability for the sale

· Need to lead a team to secure a client sale

· Execute front end programs and manage portfolio of target clients

  • identify, segment, and prioritize target clients
  • develop sales strategies to secure client relationship
  • stay current with news; key company and industry issues/challenges; individual motivations; executive movements and changes
  • utilize knowledge management resources (e.g. project database)

·        Leverage research to be able to prepare and present a compelling case for a target client to agree to meet; set meetings with target clients

·        Embrace and adopt the sales model

  • Effectively & quickly establish credibility with client to be able to engage in an effective business discussion
  • Use effective questioning and Socratic method to lead client to the desired result -> a fit for Alexander Proudfoot to partner with them to bring disciplined execution to achieve specific business goals
  • Leverage business development team to work through issues/obstacles during sales process
  • Secure the sale of a project (with a Business Review as the first step) through establishing a credible business case and relationship with the client
  • Be a key player in client relationship management through collaboration with analysis and delivery teams to ensure client needs and objectives are met and the decisions are made in the best interest of the client
  • Maintain client relationships and contacts regularly through consistent and purposeful follow up
  • Accurately document all client meetings and comply with all sales reporting requirements. Provide timely information to enable sales/unit management to effectively make key business decisions
  • Establish strong relationships with BDC/EA to ensure meetings are set, held and minimize likelihood of cancelations
  • Travel daily to client meetings
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite


Required Competencies

  • Ability to quickly read people to be able to tailor message appropriately; effective communication skills to support role objectives
    • Can pick up on subtle clues to indicate a person’s attention and interest;
    • Can quickly and concisely present key information to get and hold prospect’s attention and interest
    • Can quickly establish credibility and demonstrate value
    • Quick thinker and can shift gears to adapt to situations
    • Can convince/persuade prospect to set a meeting
  • Can effectively apply concepts of game theory – enjoys the “strategic element” to planning out discussions and thinking through potential obstacles, considering possible scenarios – with the goal of thorough call preparation to increase possibility of success
  • Analytical skills – they have the ability to search for reasons and causes, think about all the factors that might affect a decision (relevant to develop sales strategy, portfolio segmentation, research, etc)
  • Communication skills – good at engaging clients in conversation
  • Listening skills – can actively and critically listen to be able to understand, interpret and evaluate client discussions; hone in on important information and then follow up
  • Able to learn business concepts for a variety of industries and apply them with clients (credibly) to support a meaningful business discussion


Personal Characteristics Profile

  • Driven and ambitious – high level of personal drive and achievement;
    • willing to work hard;
    • striving to be the top sales performer for the organization;
    •  fixated on achieving goals and continuously measuring their performance relative to the goal; As a result they:
      • seek to understand factors involved in customer decision making
      • driven to meet only with key decision makers
      • strategize about the people and how to match offering to organization (vs speaking only about the offering)
      • have a sense of urgency
  • Professional presence and maturity - present themselves confidently to C-Suite clients
    • Able to establish yourself as a peer
    • Credible
  • Responsible and accountable – takes ownership for his/her actions and strives to take on increasing responsibility; committed to values like loyalty and honesty
    • Strong sense of duty – reliable
    • Takes responsibility for results – owns portfolio
    • Stays focused and understands that they control their own destiny
  • Has integrity – must be honest
    • With the client about capabilities; it is more respected to say “no” we do not do this; as opposed to lose credibility with the client because you say “yes”
    • even about bad news; understands that information must be accurate and actionable to enable management to make decisions
  • Genuine interest in the client’s business and willingness to see them succeed
    • Embodies and conveys to the client a “partnership” model – positions the client and Alexander Proudfoot as the team to achieve results
    • Establishes client and client business as the focus of the discussion and ultimately the purchase decision
  • Tenacious – does not give up easily, takes rejection but not easily discouraged; shakes it off and can get back into the fight; competitive spirit
    • able to handle emotional disappointment,
    • bounce back from a loss;
    • and mentally prepare for the next opportunity
  • Courageous
    • not afraid to challenge the client
    • not afraid to aim high and cold call new prospects
  • Naturally inquisitive
    • digs deeper to understand what is below the surface; asks follow up questions
    • remain active and engaged during client meetings
    • ask difficult and uncomfortable questions in order to uncover issues
    • able to quickly shift gears even when conversation deviates from prepared strategy (quick on your feet)
    • driven to find the truth (understands that only specific details will in turn help to achieve the right fit and deliver results to the client)
  • Disciplined – creates routine and structure; understands the value of order in getting things done; pays attention to detail
    • Sees value in preparedness
    • Sticks with the process even when it appears to not work
  • Willing to travel daily, as required, to attend client meetings


  • Graduate, preferably with a further qualification e.g. MBA, MA

Please send your CV to richard@mindbench.co.uk

To apply by email to this position, please send your CV and covering letter to the following link:richard@mindbench.co.ukrichard@mindbench.co.ukTC001

NB: Mindbench is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy