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Management Consultant - London

When we ask someone to join The Berkeley Partnership, it’s a big decision, for us and for them. We’re a small, growing firm (around 90 and counting) that works with big, high profile clients on a wide range of complex strategic and operational change programmes. Most of our work results from recommendation or repeat business, so our reputation for delivering successful outcomes and making a positive impact is vitally important. That’s why we can’t afford to compromise on the quality of people we hire, typically high achievers who are on the fast track in larger firms and have a proven record of programme management and strong relationships with blue-chip clients. As important, they have the self-confidence, social skills and balanced outlook on life that enables them to contribute to the wider life of the firm.

But meeting our requirements is only part of the story. Life at The Berkeley Partnership is very different from larger firms. With freedom, trust and autonomy comes a high level of accountability. This is by no means a soft option. There’s a strong focus on personal and professional development, with one to one Partner mentoring. We don’t do hierarchy. There are just two levels, Partner and Consultant and if the offer of Partnership comes, you’ll know it means something.

You’ll need to be adaptable and open minded about different ways of working and projects/industry sectors that are outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes you’ll be leading, sometimes supporting. Sometimes you’ll be on your own, although there’s always support from your colleagues when you need it. The pressure can be every bit as high as you’ve experienced before but most of our people find it easier to balance their work and personal interests in a smaller, more flexible firm.

You’ll find our recruitment process thorough and demanding but friendly too. We know it’s a big time commitment, so we urge you to read our website carefully before taking the next step. If you are the right person for us and are ready for a significant career move, it’s time well spent. If you’d like to find out more about management consultancy careers at Berkeley, please visit our website: http://www.berkeleypartnership.com/careers/