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Senior Analyst - Emerging Trends - Central London

£50k-£70k plus bonus, benefits, excellent work life balance and no need for travel


Opportunity to join a growing advisory boutique. The client plans and conducts research at the cutting edge of the professional services industry in order to build their knowledge of the most important emergent trends that are likely to affect it. You’ll support, and sometimes lead, the creation of new intellectual frameworks through which emerging trends can be explained, and will write reports and present your work to the leaders of professional services firms around the world.

Your responsibilities will include:
- Analysis: Make sense of large amounts of data (both qualitative and quantitative) and tease
out the stories and trends hidden within it. It is crucial to have a good understanding of the
professional services market, including sector-wide trends and what’s going on in specific
- Writing: Write reports (in Word or PowerPoint format) that conform to their house style
and uphold the integrity of our research using qualitative and/or quantitative data, but
which also shimmer with personality and brilliance.
- Presentations: Create presentations for clients and answer their questions. You need to be
comfortable using PowerPoint to create engaging and informative presentations and
delivering these to audiences of all shapes and sizes.
- Blogging: Write blogs that entertain and entice our readership.
- Custom research: Work on some of the custom research projects they undertake for our
clients. This could include designing surveys, interviewing senior clients, or analysing and
writing up the results.
- Project management : Manage the delivery of projects, from briefing colleagues to
producing the analysis and presenting to clients.
- Interviews: Conduct research interviews, typically with either consulting firms or their
clients, over the telephone or face to face. You’ll be expected to take notes, write them up
and process them according to whatever system they have in place for doing so at the time.
- Reviewing: Occasionally they might need you to review, sense-check, or edit other people’s

Opportunity for development:
At the moment, our their Directors are looking after this area of our business so the next step would be to become Product Manager, adding a commercial element to the role. In addition to the creation of content and the delivery, there is a real opportunity to take part in the positioning of their Emerging Trends offering in the market.

This is the sort of person they need:

They need a highly analytical person capable of identifying trends, creating concepts, and helping their clients think about complex issues in a straightforward way. You should be able to communicate effectively and persuasively. They need someone with an ability to zoom in and zoom out, capable of drilling down into the detail when required while never losing sight of the big picture. They need someone with good judgement--who can find the stories within our research that matter to their customers. 

They want their organisation to consist of people who:
● Are generous with their time in order to help each other (and our customers) succeed
● Take the wheel when needed
● Have a positive attitude
● Can always be objective and honest
● Keep an eye on the future
● Are always professional
● Have a sense of fairness
● Trust each other
● Ask, listen and hear
● Are approachable
● Are curious, and who want to learn
● Are constantly looking for ways to improve things (products and processes)
● Develop products they can be proud of
● Have an intuitive sense of what’s important
● Demonstrate leadership by example
● Laugh a lot

Please send your CV to richard@mindbench.co.uk

To apply by email to this position, please send your CV and covering letter to the following link:  richard@mindbench.co.uk TopCon001