KPMG - UK customer satisfaction holds firm


Despite the challenging economic landscape in which businesses are operating, UK consumer satisfaction has held steady over the last year, according to research released today by KPMG.

Based on the experiences of over 10,000 UK consumers across 333 brands, KPMG’s annual Customer Experience Excellence report outlines how businesses and sectors fared over the last twelve months in the eyes of the public.

The average customer experience score across all of the brands rated was 7.37, holding firm from a 7.36 score in 2021 – despite the increasingly challenging backdrop in which businesses are operating, as inflation, supply chain disruption and changing consumer demand all put pressure on pricing and operations.

NHS partner Pharmacy2U was ranked by consumers as the UK’s leading business for customer experience in 2022. New customers went from 30,000 per month to 30,000 every 48 hours during the height of the pandemic.

The top five UK brands rated by consumers for Customer Experience Excellence in 2022 are:

1 - Pharmacy2U (up 5 places vs 2021).
2 - First Direct (up 10 places vs 2021).
3 - QVC UK (up 1 place vs 2021).
4 - Lush (down 2 places vs 2021).
5 - Lakeland (up 11 places vs 2021).

Non-grocery retail is ranked as the leading sector for best customer experience, with grocery retail a close second, and financial services third.

This year’s KPMG report focusses on the relationship between customer experience and value – and finds that whilst the cost of living squeeze is increasingly ensuring that price is the main purchasing driver for many consumers, high quality experiences still positively influence how customers perceive value, as does the purpose of the organisation. Almost half of consumers expressed a willingness to pay more for goods and services that reflect their values. Only 15% said they were not very or not at all willing.

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